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George Rodgers, MD, FACC
Anthony Hilliard

"I encourage you to formally become an Early Career section member. With numbers our voice becomes louder.

Welcome to the Early Career Professional Section!

Our section and this webpage are designed to be your ACC home. If you are an ACC member and have finished fellowship within the last seven years, then you are an Early Career ACC member.

We hope that you find membership within this section an experience that enriches your personal and professional growth. On this site you will find links to various activities the Early Career Section has helped develop to do just that — enhance your member experience.

There is much activity within our section — a few things to highlight: Read more >>>

  1. ACC Mentorship Program: You should have recently received an invitation to become a member in our ACC Mentorship Program — sign up today to be a mentee or a mentor
  2. Early Career Newsletter: Stay current with ACC and Early Career news by referencing our Early Career Professional newsletter. It is published monthly and is found on this site. Each month you will find an update by one of our Early Career workgroups. Get involved! Request to join one of our workgroups and you will be put to work!
  3. Education: Along with our FIT section we have developed a monthly webinar series with content specifically tailored to our interests. You can view the list of prior webinars and upcoming events on the FIT/Early Career Section Webinar Series page.
  4. Advocacy: I am pleased to report that the ACC agreed to provide 20 scholarships to Legislative Conference. With that support we had the largest turnout of Early Careers in the history of the conference. That is a testament to this group’s enthusiasm for advocacy and the College’s interest in fostering the next generation of leaders! Show your support for advocacy by donating to the ACCPAC Board today.

With numbers our voice becomes louder. There are approximately 7,000 Early Career Members within the College. Your voice, our voice, is an important voice to be heard. We want your involvement within our section and within the College in general.

Thus, we also encourage you to formally become a section member, if you have not, and pay your $10.00 annual dues. This will help facilitate our continued work to bring enhanced value to your professional home. We look forward to your continued participation!

Please email us your thoughts and suggestions at All emails will be answered and discussed at our monthly council session. Your input is critical.


Anthony Hilliard, MD, FACC
Chair, Early Career Council

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  Section Mission and Objectives
  Section Mission and Objectives

The mission of the Early Career Member Section and Leadership Council is to provide a voice and a forum within the College for early career cardiovascular specialist physicians. The Early Career Section Leadership Council represents the cardiovascular specialist in the first seven post-training years, identifies needs and informs College programs to meet such needs, supports relevant career development activities and networking, and fosters professionalism, engagement, and leadership in College activities.

  Section Leadership
  Section Leadership
  • Anthony A. Hilliard, MD, FACC, Chair
  • Scott M. Lilly, MD, PhD, FACC
  • Sarah Joyner, MD, FACC
  • Animesh Tandon, MD, FACC
  • Nishant Shah, MD, FACC
  • Nishath Quader, MD, FACC
  • Tina Shah, MBBS, FACC
  • Tamara Atkinson, MD
  • Mirvat A. Alasnag, MB, BCh
  • Akhil Narang, MD
  • Meenakshi S. Madhur, MD, PhD, FACC
  • Justin Matthew Bachmann, MD, FACC
  • Michael W. Cullen, MD, FACC
  • Jorge A. Gonzalez, MD, FACC
  • Kristin West, Staff Liaison
  Section Sub-Groups
  Section Sub-Groups

The Early Career Section Leadership Council has 8 active working groups. If you are interested in joining any of these work groups, please contact

  • Advocacy
  • Academic
  • Cardio-Oncology
  • CardioSmart
  • International
  • Mentoring
  • Research Funding Database
  • Communications and Engagement