Faculty Development

The College has embarked on a multi-year initiative to support cardiovascular clinicians in delivering training and education to different audiences in a variety of settings. The goal is to provide a range of information which will support the occasional presenter as well those who have an established role in academics, teaching and training. Our strategy includes the development of online resources which will help our members refine skills from delivering lectures to developing course curricula and evaluating learner progress.

How to Use This Page

We want you to find educational materials that are directly relevant to your needs; therefore, we have grouped our faculty development resources under common functions educators perform. As you scan the list for an activity relevant and/or of interest to you, click on the “+” next to the function to see the available materials.

You will find two different types of educational materials here in the faculty development area:

  1. Video tutorials
  2. Tools that will help you implement new strategies

For video and slide resources, the length in minutes and seconds appears in brackets after the resource title. Other sources of information may be found by clicking on the “+” next to Additional Resources.

I Need Help:

Developing and Leading an Educational Presentation
Preparing for a National Meeting
Teaching at the Point of Care
Teaching a Multi-Disciplinary Team
Developing a Curriculum
Applying Teaching Modalities
Understanding Competencies
Assessing My Students
Incorporating Modern Technology
Developing the Educators of the Future
Additional Resources

Several of the College’s member sections and committees also produce resources to support our clinician educators. We recommend you also visit their web pages:

If you have suggestions for faculty development, ideas or innovations, please submit your ideas to Robyn Snyder at rsnyder@acc.org.