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Pulse of ACC: ACC.24

Building a Culture of Philanthropy

Generous contributions from ACC members around the world are helping develop solutions for some of the biggest challenges of today, including inspiring and encouraging the next generation of leaders, educators and scientists and tangibly addressing the global burden of cardiovascular disease.

ACC.24 offered several opportunities to both recognize and thank these current donors, while also raising awareness about the importance of philanthropy and providing insights from those who have benefitted from programs like Emerging Faculty, Clinical Trials Research, the Sandra J. Lewis Mid-Career Women's Leadership Institute, the Hani Najm Global Scholar Observership program, and the William Zoghbi International Research Award.

Not to mention, thanks to the generosity of ACC.24 attendees, more than $25,000 was raised during the first ever "Giving Day." A big thank you to everyone who took part! For more information on giving back to the College, contact Brynne McCann at Donations can also be made to the ACC Foundation at

Pulse of ACC: ACC.24

Leading the Way

Each year, the Annual Scientific Session provides a time to bring together College leaders and recognize those who have made significant contributions to the College and/or the field of cardiology at large. ACC.24 photographers captured some of these moments.

Pulse of ACC: ACC.24 Pulse of ACC: ACC.24 Pulse of ACC: ACC.24

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