MOC Information Hub

Welcome to ACC's Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Information Hub. MOC has been a hot-button issue and a top priority for the ACC since the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) changed its MOC requirements in 2014. At the time, the ACC Board of Trustees defined a three-pronged approach to navigating the changes:

  1. Be the trusted source of information for its members regarding MOC
  2. Create and maintain a robust selection of educational opportunities for members choosing to maintain their ABIM certification
  3. Engage ABIM in efforts to change and improve the MOC process

This approach has guided the College with much success. To date, the ACC offers more than 250 sources of Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit and Medical Knowledge (formerly Part II) MOC points for members. Although not currently required in ABIM's MOC Program, the ACC also offers several Practice Assessment (formerly Part IV) MOC activities that count toward the point requirements. Additionally, the ABIM has made substantial changes to its MOC process in response to concerns raised by physicians and specialty organizations, including the ACC.

Most recently, the College has been working tirelessly to develop a "solution" to MOC assessment (formerly Part III) that meets the needs of all internal medicine members – those seeking an alternative to ABIM and those choosing to participate in ABIM's MOC process due to licensing or institutional requirements. In addition to engaging in discussions with ABIM around a "Collaborative Maintenance Pathway" option – modeled after ACC's Self-Assessment Programs such as the Adult Clinical Cardiology Self-Assessment Program (ACCSAP) – that would fulfill the MOC assessment requirement, the College has also announced plans to launch two variations of its new ACCSAP in 2019 that would allow members to choose the best path for them as individuals.

For information about your personal MOC status please login to your physician portal on ABIM's website.