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Michael D. Shapiro, DO, FACC

Professional Bio:

Michael Shapiro is the inaugural Fred M. Parrish Professor of Cardiology and Molecular Medicine. Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. There, he is Director of the Center for Preventive Cardiology. His clinical expertise includes genetic and acquired disorders of cholesterol and triglycerides; atherosclerosis imaging (non-invasive imaging of the heart arteries), genetic predisposition to early heart attacks, cardiovascular risk assessment in apparently healthy individuals, and clinical trials of new cholesterol and triglyceride lowering drugs. Michael has published extensively in the areas of atherosclerosis imaging, lipid disorders, and preventive cardiology. His current investigative research is funded by the NIH and focuses on PCSK9 physiology and its impact on lipoprotein metabolism. Additionally, he is engaged in clinical trials testing novel lipid modulating therapeutics. Michael is a member of numerous boards and national committees and is frequently invited to speak at national and international meetings on topics related to atherosclerosis imaging and the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

General Statement of Disclosure:

CONSULTING FEES/HONORARIA: Amgen Inc.(MODEST), Novartis Corporation(SIGNIFICANT), Regeneron(SIGNIFICANT), Ionis(MODEST), Agepha(MODEST), Aidoc(MODEST), Shanghai Pharma Biotherapeutics (MODEST)

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