Call For Applications | Cardiovascular Team Writing Group Editorial Fellows For

The ACC Cardiovascular Team Section is seeking 22 qualified, motivated individuals to serve as the 2018 – 2019 Cardiovascular Team Writing Group Editorial Fellows for the webpage. The Cardiovascular Team Section webpage on is dedicated to publishing relevant cardiovascular team content, written by and for cardiovascular team members.

Interested Cardiovascular Team Section members are strongly encouraged to apply. Selected individuals will begin their one-year tenure beginning Jan. 1, 2018.

Individuals selected for this one-year position will be responsible for composing at least three to four content pieces, approximately one every three to four months. Prior to publication on the webpage, articles will be reviewed by the Cardiovascular Team Section Web Editorial Board as well as ACC Communications staff. Each content piece should directly address topics or themes relevant to the respective editorial position.

To apply: Interested members should contact Stefan Lefebvre ( with:

  1. the name of the position for which they are applying (see below with various positions)
  2. a current curriculum vitae
  3. a brief statement of interest (250 words or less)

Please include any prior formal writing or editorial experience, prior engagement with the ACC (committees or councils you have applied or served) and how you would use this opportunity to engage Cardiovascular Team members and get more involved with the ACC.

The deadline for application submission is Dec. 15.

The following positions are available:

  1. Education (12 positions available)
    One editorial position will be filled for each of the following: Interventional cardiology, non-invasive imaging, heart failure and transplantation, electrophysiology, critical care cardiology, pediatric cardiology, adult congenital heart disease, cardiothoracic surgery, peripheral vascular disease, preventive cardiology, "hot topics" for Cardiovascular Team members, and general/non-academic cardiology.

    Please specify clearly which one of these positions you are interested in. Selected Cardiovascular Team members are responsible for non-clinical blog-style articles related to the position and can include board review tips, review of societal meetings and career advice blog interviews. The Cardiovascular Team Section webpage is a non-clinical webpage and cannot post clinical content such as patient case quizzes, clinical trial summaries and case reports. Articles which are deemed to be "clinical content" will be redirected to the clinical topic collection.

  2. "Clinical Cases" (4 positions available)
    Four positions are available to generate team centric content of classic, unique or challenging cardiovascular cases targeted for social media platforms, including Twitter. Responsibilities will be to generate a unique image vignette (minimal text) for online posting once per month. Given the clinical nature of this position, it involves a collaboration (and content cross-posting) with the Clinical Topic Collection.

  3. Advocacy and Quality Improvement (2 positions available)
    Preference will be given to applicants who have demonstrated prior interest in advocacy or quality improvement activities, both within and outside the ACC. Articles should highlight quality improvement or ACC advocacy initiatives (both locally and nationally) with cardiovascular team focus and informative articles related to quality improvement or advocacy.

  4. Section Engagement (4 positions available)
    Applicants will prepare articles and work to design section website interfaces that highlight the benefit of Cardiovascular Team Section membership and engagement. Interviews and articles should emphasize value-added features of section membership or provide new ways to reach members and increase section involvement. Engagement of students and early career professionals is encouraged, including development of content with a focus on mentoring and networking. This position also includes creation of content for "Meet the Leaders," where applicants will perform periodic interviews (on average one every three months) with Leadership Network and nationally recognized thought leaders in cardiology.

    Additional potential target interviews would include editorial leadership of ACC's journals, Cardiovascular Team Council leadership and leaders in various Cardiovascular Team focused professional societies.

We encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to become more engaged with the Cardiovascular Team community. Authorship will be acknowledged on the Cardiovascular Team Section webpage. Contributions can be listed on one's curriculum vitae. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Michelle J. Nickolaus, CRNP, AACC and Maureen B. Julien, CRNP, AACC
Editors-in-Chief, Cardiovascular Team Section Webpage