Patient Safety Heroes

In 2018, Indiana University Health launched a Patient Safety Hero Program to recognize caregivers for creating a positive patient safety culture. Patients, family members or peers can nominate team members who demonstrate a culture of patient safety in a variety of ways on a quarterly basis. Nominees are then presented with superhero capes and masks and are featured on the organization's team member portal. Read below about some of the heroes and their stories.

Brittani Reynolds, a pharmacy technician, recently prevented a potential medication incident with a NSTEMI patient. Anne Stegemoller, a pharmacy director, was nominated by a member of her team for always placing patient safety first. A voicemail left by a patient's family member detailed how Patty Fay, a clinical cath lab recovery nurse, went above and beyond to keep their loved one protected and safe. Misti Crawford, a cardiac sonographer, identified a potentially life-threating condition. Her prompt identification and quick action facilitated a positive outcome for the patient.

Kelly Lee and Carolyn Phillips, both cardiac rehab specialists, were commended for their dedication to patient safety with the development, education and readiness to manage an emergent cardiac event. Ann Powell and Rainie Wainscott, also both cardiac rehab specialists, were recognized when one of their patients was not acting quite like themselves. Their additional care and attention to how the patient was functioning that day resulted in a safe transfer and emergency department evaluation for the patient's onset of new symptoms.

Katherine Feley, DNP, RN, CPPS, director of patient safety at Indiana University Health and executive sponsor of the Patient Safety Hero recognition program, notes that "the hero program is a fun way in which our organization provides a platform for team members to recognize their peers in the spirit of patient safety."

In the words of Batman, "It's not who we are underneath, but what we do that defines us." Thank you to all patient safety heroes. Your superhero capes and masks may not be visible to the public as you go about your daily jobs, but your commitment to patient safety is heroic and you make a difference every day in the lives your patients.

How do you recognize the patient safety heroes on your cardiac care team?

This article was authored by Jill M. Gall, BS, manager of quality databases at Indiana University Health System in Indianapolis, IN.

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