JACC FIT/Early Career Page on Cardiac Critical Care: Training Pathways and Transition to Early Career

Since cardiac critical care is a specialized clinical practice that is rapidly developing within cardiovascular medicine, early career cardiac intensivists may need evaluate how their career aspirations integrate with the various models for delivery of care, according to a Fellow in Training (FITs)/Early Career Page publish April 1 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. P. Elliott Miller Jr., MD, et al., review the currently available training paths for integrated critical care and cardiology training – including advantages and disadvantages – and share perspectives as early career critical care cardiologists. Given the current lack of integrated training pathways and the multitude of options for FITs, the authors aim to provide experiential advice for other trainees who are interested in cardiac critical care. In a response to the column, David A. Morrow, MD, MPH, FACC, comments that "despite the challenges, there is good news for cardiovascular FITs and early career practitioners in critical care cardiology," He adds, "The practice of critical care cardiology is intensely rewarding and can provide immense professional satisfaction." Read more.