A Case For Support for Breastfeeding Cardiology Fellows

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"Cardiovascular medicine is among the most gender-imbalanced medical specialties in the United States. Over the last 12 years, the proportion of women in U.S. cardiology fellowship programs has remained stagnant around 20 percent," write Jenna Kay, MD, Nosheen Reza, MD, and Frank E. Silvestry, MD, in a recent "Voices in Cardiology" piece in JACC: Case Reports.

Among the top factors contributing to this imbalance: inadequate workplace support for pregnant and nursing cardiologists.

In the piece, Kay, Reza and Silvestry highlight how a set of behavioral and practice guidelines for lactating fellows, written by fellows-in-training and early career faculty, are helping to minimize workplace obstacles and build a culture of support for new mothers. Read more about the paper.

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