2021 Innovation Showcase

Recording Available Here

2021 Innovation Showcase

On April 1, 2021 the ACC Healthcare Innovation Section hosted their first Innovation Showcase in partnership with the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). Six healthcare start-up companies were chosen to present. Each presentation ended with a brief Q&A from our expert panelists.

Dyad Medical
Dyad Medical develops medical image interpretation applications using artificial intelligence aimed at supporting clinicians in treatment decision making by being an immediate second opinion, available 24 hours a day from anywhere as it is deployed on the cloud. Our focus is in Cardiology (MRI, CT, Echo, IVOCT). Our technology has demonstrated a significant reduction in analysis time while performance metrics were on par with physician reviews with intra-expert variance and expert-bias significantly reduced. More information available here.
CEO: Ronny Shalev, PhD

HEMOTAG brings award winning high-value hemodynamic assessment of cardiac function and pressure to healthcare providers. The easy-to-use wireless design enables accurate in-depth heart failure assessment, and the digital health solution enables effective and cost-conscious healthcare delivery accessible at clinics, home care and virtual care. Electronic patient reports are generated and made available to the care team in minutes. HEMOTAG is aimed to help with in-depth cardiac triage at point of care without expensive imaging tests or hospital admissions. More information available here.
Founder and CEO: Kaustubh Kale

InvivoSciences (IVS) is developing heart failure therapies by applying a unique patient-stratification technology supported by AI, system biology, and patient-derived micro heart on a chip, NuHeart™. Our first pipeline, IVS201, is a repurposed proprietary drug candidate for treating a rare form of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF), defined by our unique patient stratification technology. More information available here.
CEO and President: Ayla Annac

PinMed Inc.
PinMed, Inc., is a National Innovation Award-winning bioinformatics/medical-device company that develops high-fidelity cardiovascular monitoring systems, personalized (adaptive) software, and integrated systems and custom solutions for tracking cardiovascular data in the most challenging environments (e.g., MR-guided interventional procedures) and identifying subtle but clinically important indicators of cardiovascular events. PinMed's award-winning solutions include versatile, multisensor, high-fidelity monitoring systems for various hospital and ambulatory settings. More information available here.
President: Vladimir Shusterman, MD, PhD

SentiAR, Inc. is a medical device spinout of Washington University, developing a wearable command center for interventional procedures. The company's first platform, CommandEP is designed for cardiac ablation procedures to improve physician accuracy and procedure efficiency. CommandEP, world's first and only holographic ablation guidance system for cardiac ablation procedures, empowers electrophysiologists with unprecedented access to real-time, patient specific, 3D holographic data in an intuitive, hands-free AR environment. In clinical studies CommandEP system has been shown to improve point navigation accuracy by up to 50%. More information available here.
CEO: Berk Tas

Sonavex is a medtech company spun out from Johns Hopkins with technology that uses deep learning to improve arteriovenous fistula (AVF) maturation for patients with end stage renal disease. Volumetric flow rate, diameter and depth have been proven to accurately determine AVF maturation, however the specialized skill set required to operate conventional ultrasound limits its use in this patient population. Sonavex's technology enables any member of the care team to rapidly collect volumetric flow rate, diameter, and depth in just seconds via a bioresorbable implant (EchoMark) with >90% margins and an automated 3D ultrasound (EchoSure). More information available here.
CEO: David Narrow

Panel Discussion:
"So you want to commercialize your cardiovascular idea? Here are some things you should be considering"

Moderator: Mike Pieck, Ph.D. – Catalyze Program Director; NHLBI
Gautam Prakash, Ph.D., J.D. – Intellectual Property Advisor; NHLBI
Kwame Ulmer, M.S., M.B.A. – FDA Regulatory Expert and Entrepreneur-in-Residence; NHLBI
Luis Gutiérrez, M.B.A. – Reimbursement Expert and Entrepreneur-in-Residence; NHLBI
Renée Arnold, Pharm.D., R.Ph. – Health Economics and Outcomes Research Expert and Entrepreneur-in-Residence; NHLBI
Steve Flaim, Ph.D. – Senior Special Advisor and Investor-in-Residence; NHLBI

Q&A Panelists:
Moderator: David Cho, MD, MBA – Innovation Section Chair
David E. Albert, MD | Founder & Chief Medical Officer, AliveCor
Christine Lemke | Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Evidation
Simon MacGibbon | Co-Founder and CEO, Myia
Jim Mault, MD | CEO and Chairman, BioIntellisense

*Time is Eastern Time
7:00 PM Introduction of program and panelists by David Cho, MD, MBA
7:15 PM Panel Discussion:
"So you want to commercialize your cardiovascular idea? Here are some things you should be considering"
7:35 PM SentiAR Presentation and Q&A
7:45 PM InvivoSciences Presentation and Q&A
8:00 PM PinMed Inc. Presentation and Q&A
8:10 PM Dyad Medical Presentation and Q&A
8:20 PM Sonavex Presentation and Q&A
8:30 PM HEMOTAG Presentation and Q&A
8:40 PM NHLBI Innovation Office Overview
Kathleen Rousche, Ph.D
8:45 PM Closing remarks and transition to Breakout Sessions
David Cho, MD, MBA

Please contact Mary Byrnes (mbyrnes@acc.org) with any questions.