New ACC HF Tools, Resources and Education

The ACC recently launched a Heart Failure Discussion Guide to help guide conversations between clinicians and patients about HF treatments in order to optimize outcomes. For additional clinical tools and resources, check out the College’s Heart Failure Practice Solutions clinical toolkit and ACC’s Succeed in Managing Heart Failure Initiative. On the education front, the College also recently launched the RightSTEPS: Optimizing Medical Therapy for Chronic Heart Failure curriculum to give clinicians evidence-based strategies to treat and manage HF. The curriculum consists of online, self-paced learning activities; a live on-site meeting; and online quality improvement coaching to reinforce the education, and is available for up to 16 CME/CNE credits. ACC’s CardioSmart also has several patient resources available to help teach patients the symptoms and causes of HF including a Heart Failure infographic and a Heart Failure resource center. Find the latest news and science related to HF on the Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathies Clinical Topic Collection on