Feature | A Timeline of Achievements For Women Cardiologists

In a field typically dominated by men, pioneering women have brought diversity and innovation to cardiovascular medicine, enriching heart health and patient care. Female cardiologists were once a rarity, with the first women physicians training during the 19th century. These early women physicians were determined to serve and broke down traditions and barriers to enter medical schools, crossing such hurdles as having their medical school admissions contingent on approval of their classmates. Their work created a strong model to build upon, setting the stage for the next generations to grow and thrive within the field. The members of the Women in Cardiology Section continue to grow their accomplishments, and honor their contributions. Check out the timeline of achievements for women cardiologists, featured in the Spring issue of Cardiology magazine, along with an article on ways to involve more women in clinical trials. Get the full issue at ACC.org/Cardiology.