This form will help you document your performance rate for five HF performance measures before and after using any of the HF Practice Solutions. It will help determine whether or not using an HF Practice Solution affected your performance.

Click here to download the Heart Failure Performance Rate Form >>>

How to Use the Form

The source of your performance rate can be a registry, payer report card, a report from your electronic health record (EHR), or other source you have accessible. Make sure you use the same data source when documenting your performance rate before and after using a tool.

For PINNACLE Registry participants:
Access your HF data by following these 3 steps:

  1. Log into your PINNACLE Registry account
  2. View your most recent PINNACLE Registry Summary Report
  3. Look up your performance rates for the HF PINNACLE Measures

Once you find your latest rates, fill them into the HF Performance Rate Form according to the PINNACLE Measure Number provided on the form.

Options for PINNACLE Network members not using the PINNACLE Registry:

  • Use your practice's EHR system to determine rates on these measures
  • Visit local- or state-based public reporting websites to look up recent rates
  • Work with your insurance companies to generate reports on these measures for you
  • Enroll in the PINNACLE Registry and start receiving regular reports of your clinical data