The American College of Cardiology Diversity and Inclusion Principles, approved at the College's January 2019 Board of Trustees meeting, are intended to guide the actions of ACC as an organization to better fulfill our Mission to transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health.

This will be achieved by embracing individual and cultural diversity among both our members and the patients we serve. Whenever possible, we will improve the culture of our organization and profession by being more welcoming and inclusive, ensuring access to and opportunity for collaboration and leadership for all of our members and by advancing health equity.

The following Principles establish a clear direction and guidance for our organization:

  1. ACC will provide inclusive, effective, equitable, and respectful operations and services that are welcoming and responsive to all persons of diverse backgrounds, experience, ideas, and perspectives.
  2. ACC recognizes that our Mission is dependent on advancing and sustaining organizational governance and leadership. This will be achieved by policy, practices, and allocated resources towards becoming a fully inclusive organization for members, by developing the next generation and by driving health equity.
    1. Recruit, promote, and support a diverse governance, leadership, and workforce that are responsive to the populations we serve.
    2. Educate and train governance, leadership, and workforce in appropriate diversity and inclusion policies and practices on an ongoing basis.
  3. ACC will establish appropriate goals, policies, and management accountability for diversity and inclusion and infuse them throughout the College's planning and operations.
    1. Conduct regular, ongoing assessments of the College's diversity- and inclusion-related activities and integrate appropriate, benchmarked metrics into measurement and continuous quality improvement activities.
    2. Collect, maintain and disseminate accurate and reliable demographic data to monitor and evaluate the impact of diversity and inclusion principles on membership, and to inform delivery of all ACC services and activities. If possible, the impact on health equity outcomes should be measured.
    3. Conduct regular assessments of ACC assets and member needs and use the results to plan and implement programs and services that respond to the diversity of populations we serve.
  4. ACC will ensure inclusiveness and cultural appropriateness of its policies, practices, and services by partnering with the broader community for design, implementation, and evaluation.
  5. ACC will create conflict and grievance resolution processes that are robust and appropriate to a professional society to identify, prevent, and resolve conflicts or complaints, particularly those around harassment, bias and discrimination.
  6. ACC will regularly communicate the College's progress in implementing and sustaining diversity and inclusion to all stakeholders, constituents, and the general public.