Fellowship places you among the best in cardiology today. Apply and you’ll gain professional recognition and access to benefits worth thousands. Cardiovascular-related subspecialties recognized for FACC include hypertension, CV pathology, CV radiology, CV anesthesiology, vascular surgery/medicine, nuclear cardiology, CVD prevention and lipidology.

US Fellow/Associate Fellow $785
Canada Fellow/Associate Fellow $480
US/Canada Application Fee $150
(Current members with up-to-date membership pay only the application fee)
  Membership Criteria
  Membership Criteria

Election to Fellowship is based on relevant board certification or equivalent training. Members are expected to conform to high moral standards.

To apply, candidates must:

  • Have completed relevant training
  • Passed the primary Board exam
  • Have a full-time position in a cardiovascular-related subspecialty (see list above)
  • Meet one of the two following requirements:
    • Have a Leadership Position: You will need to hold a leadership role as Director of a Major Laboratory at an Academic or Academic-Affiliated Institution, or hold the title of Associate Professor or Professor
    • OR

    • Have Publications: You will need to have published 10 articles, with 5 first or senior authorship. Publications should be in peer-reviewed journals indexed in Scopus or PubMed.
  What You Need Before You Apply
  What You Need Before You Apply

Applications are welcome on a rolling basis!

Before you begin the online application, be sure you have the following ready:

  • Two letters of sponsorship from current FACCs
    • Copy of medical or doctoral certificate
    • Copy of certificate (PhD)
    • Bibliography, if you do not currently hold one of the leadership titles
    •   Bibliography Submission Guidelines

      Bibliography Submission Guidelines

      In order for you application to be evaluated fairly, please organize your bibliography using the following format; otherwise, your application will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed.

      Do not send reprints of articles, abstracts, etc.

      • List your publications precisely as published with:
        • Authors
        • Title of Article
        • Name of Journal (including Volume, Page and Date)
      • Provide the name of the index where each publication is listed, or state, “not indexed” if that is the case
      • List and number the following publication types in separate categories as follows:
        1. Published papers in peer-reviewed journals indexed in PubMed or Scopus
        2. Textbook chapters, invited articles and reviews
        3. Published abstracts
        4. Miscellaneous

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Email Membership@acc.org to check on the status of your application.

  Sponsor & Sponsor Letter Requirements

Sponsor & Sponsor Letter Requirements

Applicants are required to submit two letters of sponsorship from current FACCs.

Sponsorship Letter Requirements:

  • Letters must be included with your application
  • Letters must be on the sponsor’s business letterhead, dated and signed by the sponsor
  • Letters should detail your accomplishments of distinction, such as hospital, medical society or educational leadership
  • Letters should be original in content—substantially identical letters will be rejected

Sponsor Requirements:

  • Sponsors must be current FACCs
  • Sponsors must be well acquainted with your current professional activities
  • At least one sponsor must be from your geographic are of professional activity
  • Only one sponsor can be from a partner or colleague that works in your office
  • Your relatives may not sponsor you

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  Annual Dues and Fees
  Annual Dues and Fees

Applications will be reviewed twice annually by the ACC’s Credentialing and Member Services Sub-Committee.

  • Applications received by May 1 will be reviewed in July
  • Applications received by Oct 1 will be reviewed in January