Call For Applications: Associate Editor of Innovation

The ACC is accepting applications for the position of associate editor of innovation. The editor will help implement the long-term vision of as the go-to web experience that incorporates authoritative perspectives on global cardiovascular knowledge, resources and developments, and adapts the individual experience to fit the needs of each cardiovascular professional.

The editor’s term will begin July 1, and will run for five years, with the possibility of re-appointment for an additional term. The deadline for applications is May 31. Telephone interviews for the final candidates will be held during the month of June. There is an honorarium with this position.

Position Description

Title: Associate Editor of Innovation

Functions of the Appointment:  The associate editor of innovation, will understand the impact of on ACC members and other users, and advocate on behalf of the members to ensure a user-centric site. The editor will use various tools – Google Analytics data, Foresee survey results, ACC member user group test results – to understand what is working well on the site, and provide suggestions for improvement based on user data and industry best practices.

  1. It is expected that the editor shall devote the necessary time and effort to perform his/her duties in a high-quality and timely fashion, estimated to be approximately 24 hours per month.
  2. The editor will report to the editor-in-chief of He/She will meet monthly with the editor-in-chief to discuss his/her research findings.
  3. The editor will be responsible for monitoring in its various environments (desktop and mobile devices) to ensure that it is a satisfying, member-centric web experience, and facilitates ACC’s vision for
  4. The editor will scan the environment to monitor external association and medical information sites in order to understand what is working well in the digital environment.
  5. The editor will form an group from a representative sample of the membership, and work with that group to assist with the environmental scan.
  6. The editor will suggest to the editor-in-chief enhancements and improvements to products/services/navigation, based what is working well in the digital environment as a result of the environmental scan and member research. Additionally, he/she will advise the editor-in-chief on what products/services/navigational elements to eliminate because they are poorly used.
  7. The editor will work with ACC staff to develop a monthly report of usage (Google Analytics and Foresee data), to understand user behavior, outcomes and acquisition of the site.
  8. The editor will research what personalization and community elements of work well with members and other users. Based on this research, he/she will recommend enhancements to the site that fulfill these needs.
  9. The editor will work with the editor-in-chief and ACC staff to prioritize enhancements for future releases.
  10. The editor will recommend collaborations with other associations, business entities and other groups to expand the reach, resources and financial viability of


  • Must be an ACC member in good standing
  • Familiarity with ACC activities and the role of evidence-based medicine
  • Broad and in-depth knowledge of the field of cardiovascular medicine, its current trends and advances and well-respected in the field of cardiovascular medicine. Strong evidence of scholarly pursuits in the field of cardiovascular medicine
  • Demonstrated experience in the digital space, including a thorough understanding of physician web use, mobile technology and social media
  • Knowledge of the digital landscape, including an understanding of external, “competitive” digital resources for cardiovascular medicine
  • Facility with market research methods: surveys, focus groups and online research
  • A thorough understanding of the various constituents of the ACC, along with knowledge of what these “personas” may be seeking in the way of online communication and education
  • A strategic thinker with energy and creativity to help guide the future of
  • Ability to constructively engage with other members of the editorial board as well as ACC staff
  • Demonstrated ability to devote the requisite amount of time to this position

Interested candidates should submit:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of application, addressing:
    • Why you want the position
    • What is your experience with digital innovation
    • How would you fit this into your busy schedule
    • Two references

Send these material to:
ACC, Education Division
c/o Helene Goldstein
2400 N Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037
Phone: 800-253-4636, ext. 6682