What Do I Do After I Enroll in the CMP?

After you enroll, there are two steps required for successful participation in the CMP:

  1. Complete Your Learning Engagement Requirement
    To complete your Learning Engagement requirement, spend 7 hours "engaging" in the topic covered by the 2019 Performance Assessment, which is Arrhythmias. This means you need to spend at least 7 hours:
    • Reading the text and/or watching/listening to presentations in the Arrhythmias topic.
    • Completing all Arrhythmias practice questions and answering at least 70% of them correctly (you may answer as many times as necessary to achieve that score).
    • If you study online, ACCSAP will track your time. If you download files to listen/read offline, it will not count. To see how much time you have spent engaging, login to ACCSAP and click the CMP Hub.
    • You must complete your Learning Engagement Requirement to take the Performance Assessment.
  2. Take a Performance Assessment in the Fall of 2019
    • This fall, you must take a Performance Assessment that will focus on Arrhythmias. The Performance Assessment is a test that consists of 60 questions, is open book, and must be completed within 2 hours.
    • You will have two chances to take and pass the Performance Assessment each year, and there will be specific windows of time when the Performance Assessment will be available. You may take the Performance Assessment once within each window at whatever time and location is convenient for you.

      2019 Performance Assessment Windows

      • Nov. 6 – 12, 2019
      • Dec. 4 – 10, 2019
      *All dates are subject to change.
    • Please avoid waiting until the last two hours of the one-week window to take your Performance Assessment so there is time to resolve any unforeseen issues that may occur.

    • 2019 is a "no consequences" year, so it does not matter if you pass the Performance Assessment or not. If you are not successful and your exam was due in 2019, there will be no change to your certification status and you can continue to participate in the CMP.
    • In 2020 and beyond, you must pass either the first or second offering of the Performance Assessment every year to be considered as meeting your assessment requirement.
      • To ensure that you have two opportunities to pass, please be sure to participate in the first window. If you miss the first window, then you will have only one opportunity to pass during the second window; you cannot take the Performance Assessment twice in the second window.
    • Please note that you are not required to pass a Performance Assessment until the year your assessment is due. However, you are welcome to start participating in the CMP prior to the year your assessment is due to gain experience with the CMP without the stress of achieving a passing score on the Performance Assessment. If you're a sports fan, a good analogy here is that everything is "preseason" until the year your assessment is due.