"CardioSource Plus - not a day goes by where I don't hear it mentioned. I'm sure my faculty would agree that it has become our most-utilized resource. "

— Linda Cumbee
Program Coordinator, University of Nebraska Medical Center

“The benefits of CardioSource Plus are many and most importantly provide ready 24/7 access to a wide variety of support materials for the cardiovascular trainee. The excellent education programs not only use text but incorporate a dynamic audiovisual experience which allows learning by different modalities. Updated WebPages with links to many important resources in cardiology is vital to keeping up with the fast-changing field. We emphasize evidence-based medicine here at the VA and this resource allows us to keep even more up-to-date on the latest studies and guidelines.”

— Feedback from Dr. Donald Chang, MD, FACC
Director, Cardiology Fellowship Program, VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System

"CardioSource Plus for Institutions provides a great service by offering all the SAPs and their questions to the fellows. "

— Thomas Bashore, MD, FACC
Professor of Medicine, Duke University

“The benefits of having CardioSource Plus as an educational resource is that it provides a single site for current, authoritative information on clinical cardiology for our medical staff, residents, fellows, and library staff. Our residents and fellows especially like the Self-Assessment Programs. We had numerous calls to the library within hours of our subscription expiring! In the past, the library had purchased one of the self-assessment programs on CD that had to be used in the library. Even though this was in our catalog, we had little usage of it because it wasn’t convenient to come to the library to use it. Now that many of these are available through CardioSource Plus, residents/fellows can access it from on/off campus according to their schedules.”

— Feedback from Systems Medical Librarian

"CardioSource Plus is a major educational tool which I rely on very heavily for board review and presentations. It also functions as one of my major sources to remain current and up-to-date. "

— Shona Velamakanni, MD, Fellow
Washington Hospital Center

“There are many benefits of offering CardioSource Plus within the medical library. The database can be used by all departments and employees who seek cardiology related information and the library staff can utilize this resource for literature searches. In addition, the database complements other resources that do not have a complete cardiology content including other powerful tools such as Epocrates. This is a must-have tool for Cardiologists. Cardiology teachers use this resource for instruction, this is the first place they look for materials as well as many physicians love the access to CME courses."

— Feedback from Nital Sheridan, MLIS, AHIP
Ochsner Health System

“I think the online lectures available are outstanding”

— Robert Myers, MD, Fellow
Christiana Care Health System

"We are very excited about the expansion of ACC's "In-Service" training modules, and how this program has helped our trainees to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and improve their skills. Additionally, we are most pleased to help the program directors to evaluate their trainees' skills and objectively document their growth and competence."

— R. Michael Benitez, MD, FACC
Chair, ACCIS, Editorial Board Director, Cardiology Fellowship Program University of Maryland School of Medicine

"I think CardioSource Plus is a great resource. CCTSAP is probably the best text I could find on the subject. The cases are illustrative of the common things that we see."

— Shaila Garg, Fellow
Washington Hospital Center

“CardioSource Plus provides current clinical cardiology information from a single site. Having access to JACC, clinical guidelines and trials, and the self-assessment programs are important features for our cardiology clinicians, residents, and fellows. It is a time-saver to have this authoritative information available at a single site instead of searching the web for multiple sites.”

— Feedback from medical librarian at major training institution

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