Perfect your knowledge of CV medicine.

Use ACCSAP 9 to identify your knowledge gaps, reinforce your existing knowledge, and learn new information that you can apply in your clinical practice.

Sun Pharma is pleased to provide complimentary access to ACCSAP 9 for select clinicians worldwide.

ACCSAP 9 Features:

  • Educational material in both text and video format allows you to learn by reading or watching/listening to a presentation. ACCSAP 9 includes concise text written by world-renowned experts, plus all of the presentations from ACC's Cardiovascular Board Review course.
  • Even better questions:
    • Challenge yourself with questions that are ALL case-based rather than simple knowledge questions.
    • Create custom quizzes and simulate Board exams to personalize your learning.
    • Compare your scores to your peers' and view your dashboard to judge how you are progressing.
    • Link from each question to its related text so you can quickly and easily learn more on that subject.
  • Easy accessibility! You can access ACCSAP 9 on any device that has an internet connection -- desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.