Social Media: A Digital Connection to the ACC

In an increasingly digital age, social media is steadily growing into a space to not only engage with friends and colleagues, but also to stay updated on professional interests. The results of a recent CardioSurve survey of 165 cardiologists reveal that slightly more than half of cardiologists (54%) are participating in social media. Although this usage is still predominantly for personal reasons, still more than 1 out of 5 cardiologists (22%) are using it for professional or practicerelated reasons, especially those cardiologists who are in the initial stages of their careers. These early career cardiologists are also much more likely (36%) than their more tenured colleagues (7%) to see social media channels (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Doximity, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogs, etc.) as a very effective means for healthcare professionals to share insight on medical news, research developments and treatments.


Of those cardiologists who use social media professionally, a majority (60%) state they frequently engage in channels such as Doximity or LinkedIn as a way to connect with others who share their interests and to build a network of colleagues within their field. Facebook and YouTube are the next most frequented channels, pulling in almost one third of the cardiologists who use social media. Most indicate that they use these channels for educational needs/learning, accessing current news, sharing information related to practice, and obtaining the latest news at medical conferences.

For cardiologists who are reluctant to engage in social media professionally their primary reason for not participating in it are privacy issues (59%), not enough time (43%), and potential risk implications for practice (41%).

The usage of social media by cardiovascular professionals has been gradually climbing at clinical meetings and conferences such as the ACC’s Annual Scientific Session for attendees interested in the latest information on breaking news, conference highlights and networking with colleagues. According to a survey of 2,170 attendees at ACC.15 in San Diego, CA, 61% of those surveyed indicated that they used the ACC.15 mobile app to access news and social media. Focusing specifically on the ACC’s social media resources, including Twitter, Facebook, the ACC in Touch Blog and YouTube, nearly 25% of attendees said they used those channels primarily for the purpose of breaking news, session highlights, discussions with colleagues and meeting locations.

As the digital age continues, these numbers will continue to increase and the College is committed to helping members leverage these tools for information sharing, networking and more. The new website includes easy to use tools for sharing clinical content from Journal Scans, Expert Commentary and News Summaries, and the College continues to explore ways to enhance the coverage of major cardiovascular meetings around the world. Members are encouraged to follow the ACC on Twitter (@ACCinTouch), Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. CardioSmart also has a growing social media following on Facebook and Twitter (@CardioSmart), as do the JACC Journals (@JACCJournals) as well.

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