Championing Change in China

ACC Around the World | The ACC recently partnered with the Chinese Society of Cardiology (CSC) to launch a cardiovascular disease education and awareness program that will prepare physicians and hospital systems for a nationwide health care shift that supports heart disease prevention and optimal patient care.

While the Chinese health care system has made significant strides in recent years diagnosing and treating patients with cardiovascular disease, providing preventative care to patients at high risk of developing chronic cardiovascular conditions remains a persistent challenge. The ACC/CSC program, which is being supported by Pfizer, will address this obstacle by establishing a comprehensive curriculum that will include a focused webinar series in nearly 200 hospitals around the country, as well as topic-based interactive online education of cardiologists and cardiac care team members delivered through WeChat, one of the most widely used social media platforms in China.

“Heart disease education and awareness can help our fellow cardiologists and cardiac care team members in China better understand the latest heart disease diagnosis, management and treatment tools available to them,” said ACC President Kim Allan Williams, MD, FACC. “Through this program we’ll be able to work together to better implement international treatment guidelines for at-risk patients and improve patient outcomes throughout China.”

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