Council Perspective Shows Positive Impact of Emerging Faculty Program

The ACC Emerging Faculty Program has had a large positive impact on its participants’ careers and abilities as educators, according to a Council Perspective from ACC’s Academic Cardiology Section Leadership Council, published May 2 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

The Emerging Faculty Program, with support from the Michael Wolk Heart Foundation, was developed in 2005 to provide mentorship and training of early career academic cardiologists. Since its inception, 130 fulltime academic cardiologists have participated in the biennial Teaching Skills Workshop, which focuses on effective adult learning, curriculum design and presentation skills.

To assess the effectiveness of the program and its impact on participants’ careers, the program faculty and the Academic Cardiology Section Leadership Council conducted a survey of the 130 past participants. The survey received a response rate of 62 percent, with each class of participants equally represented.

The results of the survey showed that a majority of participants progressed from instructor or assistant professor at the time of entering the program to associate or full professor. Further, participants noted that the program has had a large impact on their “ability to apply instructional design principles” (49 percent) and “present in face-to-face settings” (47 percent). Participants also indicated that the program has had a positive impact on their careers through mentorship, networking, career advancement and an “increased ability to contribute positively to their division, section or department.”

According to the Council, “graduates serve as an enhanced resource for their divisions and departments by modeling the skills that were strengthened during their interactions [at the workshop].” They add that “for the [Emerging Faculty] program to enjoy continued success over the coming decade, both awareness and support from the members of the ACC Academic Cardiology Section are vital.”

Keywords: Curriculum, Faculty, Leadership, Mentors

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