Statement by ACC President Richard A. Chazal on American Health Care Act

As the American College of Cardiology’s Principles for Health Reform make clear, the ACC is committed to improved coverage for—and access to—efficient, high quality care; protection for individuals with pre-existing conditions; and continued national investment in preventive care, medical research and innovation. We remain steadfast in our goal of maintaining a productive dialogue with lawmakers from across the political spectrum in service to our patients, our members, and our communities.

While members of Congress continue to evaluate the American Health Care Act (AHCA), we ask that they carefully consider its impact on coverage. As reflected in the Congressional Budget Office analysis of the legislation, the estimated impact of the AHCA does not align with the ACC’s principles. We are concerned over the sharp projected increase in the number of uninsured Americans, especially among our most vulnerable populations.

We believe every member of Congress shares a common goal: to improve our nation’s health care system. To that end, we ask all members of Congress to work together to find pragmatic solutions that maintain patient access to care. ACC has a strong foundation of clinical expertise and scientific integrity. We offer ACC’s members and staff as a resource to policymakers on both sides of the aisle as we strive together to improve coverage and access for all of our patients.

Keywords: Health Care Reform, Medically Uninsured, Preexisting Condition Coverage, Quality of Health Care

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