AHA Statement Addresses Societal Benefits of Fundamental CV Research

A new scientific statement released by the American Heart Association analyzes the challenges and opportunities faced in managing and treating cardiovascular disease and focuses on the return on societal investment afforded by cardiovascular research.

The statement, published June 26 in Circulation Research, notes that while cardiovascular mortality has declined over the last 50 years, an increasing number of people are living with chronic heart disease and/or related cardiovascular risk factors – impacting not only their quality of life, but health care costs as well.

While often difficult to directly quantify, the statement highlights the return on investment in cardiovascular research in the areas of new drugs, devices and therapeutic strategies, as well as the economy, preparing for future health care needs and conquering future challenges. “Investment in fundamental research increases the body of new knowledge. It trains skilled graduates joining the work force, creates new methodologies and instrumentation, and fosters the capacity for scientific problem solving,” the authors write. 

Keywords: American Heart Association, Cardiovascular Diseases, Cardiovascular System, Health Care Costs, Heart Diseases, Quality of Life, Research

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