ACC Message of Support Following Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

Late August and early September have proved to be devastating for coastal communities in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean following the destruction caused by both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. The College stands with those affected by these two overwhelming natural disasters, and sends well wishes of peace and strength as communities, towns and cities work together to rebuild.

There is no doubt that among the thousands of people affected by both disasters, many cardiovascular patients and members of the College were impacted, seeing their own homes, practices and hospitals overcome by damaging winds and floods. Still, while personally impacted, many of our members and health care professionals from across the care team volunteered their time and energy both during and in the wake of the disasters to aid patients and neighbors. This is the spirit of our members, and this is the spirit of the ACC.

Many organizations and businesses, including those in the health care space, have implemented programs to assist victims during this challenging time. This aid includes prescription drug assistance programs which allow impacted patients to receive their lost or destroyed medicines or documentation as soon as possible. Donations can be made to the many local, regional and national disaster relief organizations providing support during this time of need.

We understand that the healing and rebuilding has only begun and the College and its local Chapters are here for our members and the patients they serve. We extend our deepest sympathies to those who have lost loved ones, precious belongings and much more. We stand with you.

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