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ACC Central ready for the crowds on the Expo floor.
The Answer: ACC Minnesota Chapter The question: Who is the winner of the FIT Jeopardy: Battle of the States? The Minnesota Chapter emerged victorious after a tough battle with the Virginia and New York chapters. The final round was streamed via Facebook and can be viewed on the ACC’s Facebook Page. New this year, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy and Mexico participated in the inaugural ACC International FIT Jeopardy competition. Singapore emerged as the International champion. Thanks to all the teams and ACC chapters that participated.
Getting ready for Convocation.
Getting ready for Convocation.
ACC.18 Behind the Scenes: The view from center stage in the Main Tent.
FITs on the GO: FITs on the GO video volunteers were busy during ACC.18, with 41 interviews with ACC leaders, trial investigators and more. Among the highlights: discussions on women in cardiology, research advice, cardiovascular innovation and more. In addition, Mary Norine Walsh, MD, MACC, looked back on her presidential year and former ACC President William Zoghbi, MD, MACC, shared his own “pearls of wisdom.”

Best Named ACC.18 Sessions

600: Life After Coronary Revascularization: Are We Still on the Roller Coaster?

608: Managing Angina: Main Street or Adventureland?

623: Coronary Care Unit Clinical Conundrums: Alice in Wonderland

651: The Mad Hatter’s Approach to Refractory Angina Management: Debates on Out-of-the Box Therapies

692: The Science and Magic of Decision Making: The Hogwart’s Approach to Ischemic Heart Disease

6005: Creating Your Magic: Life Beyond Cardiology

771: Aging Like a Fine Cabernet Sauvignon

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Clinical Topics: Atherosclerotic Disease (CAD/PAD)

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