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The first international education project of the ACC’s Philippine Chapter, called ACCESS (ACC Extended Scientific Summit), brought together cardiovascular professionals from across the country and beyond for the one-day event in February. “More than the strength in numbers in attendance, ACCESS was an immeasurable wellspring of priceless pearls of fresh cardiovascular learning and a showcase of landmark education,” says Jorge Sison, MD, FACC, president of the Philippine Heart Association (PHA).

Conceived and driven by Raul Lapitan, MD, FACC, governor of ACC’s Philippine Chapter and immediate past president of the PHA, ACCESS was designed to do just that: provide access to high-quality continuing medical education on advanced procedures and treatment modalities by removing the barrier of traveling to the U.S. This event linked PHA members from the metro Manila area and the 13 PHA chapters spread across three large islands, especially the more geographically-challenged areas, with colleagues from Indonesia. In all, 344 delegates attended, including 12 from Indonesia.

Extending the reach even farther across the region, the governors of the ACC international chapters in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand served on the faculty, along with C. Michael Valentine, MD, FACC, president of ACC.

"It was a superb meeting that brought together the latest data, guidelines and clinical controversies we each face in practice." C. Michael Valentine, MD, FACC

“It was a superb meeting that brought together the latest data, guidelines and clinical controversies we each face in practice,” says Valentine, noting the high quality of the presentations and the active discussions in each session.

Cardiovascular disease is universal and this was reflected in the topics tackled in the ACCESS program. Taworn Suithichaiyakul, MD, FACC, governor of the ACC Thailand Chapter, lectured on cardiomyopathy and heart failure. Wan Azman Wan Ahmad, MBBS, FACC, governor of the Malaysia chapter talked about hypertension and preventive cardiology. Kian Keong Poh, MB BCH, FACC, governor of the Singapore chapter, focused on cardiovascular imaging. Anwar Santoso, MD, PhD, FACC, talked about acute coronary syndrome, risk of thrombosis and bleeding with dual antiplatelet therapy.

Valentine’s keynote lecture addressed quality improvement for institutions and ways the ACC can help. He emphasized that the quality of cardiovascular care is improved through research, registries, guidelines and appropriate use criteria, along with creating opportunities for leadership.

PCI appropriateness was a topic of active discussion, with tertiary hospitals in the Philippines developing a STEMI program. The congested road traffic and the high cost of the procedure are stumbling blocks, along with the need to obtain family consent. Such procedures are the collective decision of the family, especially if the patient does not have sufficient funds to pay for the procedure. The PHA is working with the Philippine Society of Cardiac Catheterization and Intervention to gain more funding by the national government health insurance for PCI.

"As an ACC international chapter, the PHA is working to conduct activities in support of the global goal of ensuring first-rate cardiovascular care and education." Raul Lapitan, MD, FACC

“Not only has this education event further strengthened the ties between our chapter and the ACC, it has paved the way for future endeavors with our Asian neighbors,” says Lapitan. “As an ACC international chapter, the PHA is working to conduct activities in support of the global goal of ensuring first-rate cardiovascular care and education.”

This type of leadership was a goal of the PHA when it became an international chapter in 2013 during its 60th anniversary year. William A. Zoghbi, MD, MACC, then president of ACC, presided over the formal establishment of the chapter during the PHA’s annual conference. “Through this collaboration, we’re also seeking to offer leadership opportunities for Fellows of ACC who practice across the Philippines,” says Sison.

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Certificate of Appreciation Awarded to Keynote Speaker of ACCESS.2018
C. Michael Valentine (sixth from left), was presented with a certificate of appreciation by the Board of Directors and officers of the PHA (from left to right): Gilbert Vilela, director; Orlando Bugarin, treasurer; Nannette Rey, vice president; Saturnino Javier, past president and AIG Steering Committee member; Jorge Sison, president; Valentine; Raul L. Lapitan, immediate past president and governor of ACC Philippines Chapter; Aurelia Leus, secretary; Erric Jude Cinco, director; and Ronald Cuyco, director.

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