ACC Responds to Congressional Telehealth Caucus

In mid-March, the Congressional Telehealth Caucus, chaired by Reps. Mike Thompson (D-CA-05) and Peter Welch (D-VT-01), announced a request for stakeholder input to guide the caucus as it crafts comprehensive legislation to expand access to telehealth and remote monitoring services.

The ACC submitted a response offering several concepts for discussion, including the development of reimbursement and payment structures for innovative and secure telehealth services; reconsideration of current standards for telehealth site requirements; reevaluation of the cost determination for remote physiologic monitoring; and expanding necessary infrastructure to improve patient access.

The College commends these efforts to improve the telehealth system, improve patient outcomes and reduce health care costs and encourages the caucus to convene a roundtable discussion with patients, providers, industry leaders and additional stakeholders to examine these and other issues in greater depth.

Clinical Topics: Dyslipidemia, Lipid Metabolism, Nonstatins

Keywords: ACC Advocacy, Pharmacies, Health Expenditures, Pharmaceutical Services, Medicare, Insurance Coverage, Cholesterol

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