Nurse Appreciation Month

The ACC Celebrates YOU
As an Associate of the ACC, you do so much to make us a stronger organization.

Whether it's participating in CV Team Section initiatives, exchanging knowledge with colleagues at live courses or lending the College your unique perspective on cardiovascular care, you make it possible for the ACC to improve heart health.

This May, the ACC wants to celebrate the work you do—both within the College and in your daily practice—by making it easier for you to expand your knowledge and make connections that will help you succeed now and in the future.

Our Special Offer for You
This month, contact ACC Member Care at (800) 253-4636, ext. 5603, and refer to code ACCNurses to save 15% on educational products and live courses like:

  • ECG Drill & Practice: Improve your ECG interpretation skills with ECG Drill & Practice! This program reviews key findings in clinical electrocardiography and also contains a self-assessment ECG test. It's a great resource for anyone looking to hone their ECG interpretation skills. Learn more. Your Price: $63.75
  • Heart Songs 4: Effortlessly improve your cardiac auscultation skills! Simply watch/listen to each high definition video within Heart Songs two to four times to master each murmur. Videos include descriptions of each murmur, images of phonocardiograms, CT scans and color Doppler echos, intermixed with 200 repetitions of each murmur. Interactive quizzes let you measure your baseline skill and your level of improvement. Learn more. Your Price: $63.75
  • Core Curriculum for the Cardiovascular Clinician: Learn from cardiovascular experts at this interactive course featuring hands-on workshops and practice-based sessions that focus on the basics of risk reduction, heart failure, CAD, AF, valve disease to the specifics of non-invasive imaging, physical exams and interpreting EKGs. Learn more. Your Price: $718.25

Don't forget that, as an ACC member, you also have access to hundreds of free educational offerings on, including Lifting the Burden of CV Disease and Diabetes and Lowering Lipid Levels, both of which offer CNE.

Explore more educational products here and live courses here.