Since its inception in the fall of 2009, CardioSurve has indeed lived up to its motto of becoming the “Voice of U.S. Cardiologists.” The thought-provoking and insightful feedback that the more than 350 cardiologist panel members have provided to the American College of Cardiology has allowed us to better understand and act upon the issues affecting cardiovascular medicine today.

Within the first six months of the initiative, the ACC investigated the effects of declining reimbursement on practices, explored EMR adoption issues, reviewed how guidelines are used and how they could best be designed in the future, evaluated the perception and treatment of atrial fibrillation, and covered a number of other timely and relevant topics.

CardioSurve has been ground-breaking in its data collection speed, which allows the ACC to more closely look through the eyes of our members and gather their perspective on issues affecting them now. The results give us the edge so that we may be better equipped to serve their needs and fulfill the overall ACC mission to transform care and improve heart health.

In the coming months, the leadership of the ACC will look toward the new findings from our research in CardioSurve as a trusted source to aid us as we move forward with initiatives of the College set in place from listening to the “Voice of U.S. Cardiologists.” We hope that you find the same value and insight that we have from tapping into the “voice.” Good luck in your efforts to navigate the currents of health care reform and strive for continuous improvements in heart health!

Ralph G. Brindis, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.C.
ACC President