The product that some consider the wave of the future for personal computing hit the market in April 2010 when Apple released the iPad. The touch-screen, tablet computer was designed to showcase audio and visual media including books, magazines, games and movies. The ACC, working with publishing partner Elsevier, saw an opportunity to develop an iPad application for the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC) to give readers a new way to access groundbreaking cardiovascular content. With the application in the early phases of development, CardioSurve investigated technology adoption and interest in the concept.

Specifically, thinking about the JACC content on the iPad, more than half (54%) of cardiologists indicated that they would read JACC on the iPad and nearly two-thirds (62%) noted that they would read it in place of a print version. More than one third of cardiovascular physicians (36%) reported that the availability of JACC on the iPad would encourage them to purchase the iPad product. JACC on iPad was released in November 2010.