The following items are a collection of other interesting insights gleaned from CardioSurve:

Most cardiologists rely on printed education materials such as brochures/pamphlets (86%), other printed materials (77%), or 3-D visual aids (53%) to inform/communicate to their patients about their care. (Source: April 2012 CardioSurve)

Nearly all cardiologists (93%) believe that a need exists for a patient education resource that is developed by cardiologists and other cardiovascular specialists that will provide the tools patients need to better manage their cardiovascular health. (Source: April 2012 CardioSurve)

More than three out of four cardiologists (77%) agree that improved access to online medical information and resources has improved the quality of care at their practice. However, a nearly similar percentage (72%) also believe that the daily volume of communications received from colleagues, care team members and patients is overwhelming. (Source: March 2012 CardioSurve)

Only one out of seven cardiologists (14%) believe that the health care industry has clearly defined “meaningful use.” (Source: March 2012 CardioSurve)

Two out of three cardiologists (66%) agree that it is difficult to balance efficiency and quality of care. (Source: March 2012 CardioSurve)

Cardiologists early in their career desire support and resources around most practice management issues. The primary issues they specifically focus on are the following: MOC (57%), practice financial savvy (48%), research opportunities (44%) and academic planning (43%). (Source: Early Career Section Survey - February-March 2012)

Over 2,500 attendees reported satisfaction (extremely/very) with ACC.12 and 64% rated the meeting better than other comparable meetings. (Source: ACC.12 Attendee Survey - April 2012)