Over the past three decades, technological achievements in healthcare have migrated into new spaces in the practice of medicine. A wave of products and resources now support physicians in their practice and have impacted their business infrastructure. As these evolutionary changes have unfolded, each step forward has increased the importance of practices having the most accurate and timely information in order to provide the best care for their patients.

“Not all bits have equal value.” – Carl Sagan

This edition of the CardioSurve newsletter takes a look at the impact and utilization of information from the clinical perspective at the point of care, where digital access is just as common as a stethoscope, to the back office procedures once mired in paper processing that now operate on an information cloud.

This focus on data streaming is an important facet of the continuum of care that impacts all aspects of practices from patient outcomes to reimbursement.

Not all bits of data have equal value, and thus, it is increasingly important to focus on those data sources that can have a profound impact on providing the best outcomes to patients and practices.