“It’s when we start working together that the real healing takes place.” – David Hume

Over the course of the last half century, the physician-patient dynamic has expanded to include a much wider array of influencers on patient care than ever possibly imagined. Nostalgically lost except to celluloid is the image of the local doctor, the unquestioned expert on the care and treatment of the sick, making house calls to visit his patients. By comparison, modern medicine moves at light speed relying on a complex network of resources and interrelated care providers all sharing in the task of providing optimal patient care. In today’s health care world, clinical teams from cardiovascular and primary care practices coordinate in managing their patients; databases track patient histories and trend outcomes; and technology shares new insights and information as to how to best manage the course of patient treatments.

This issue of the CardioSurve Newsletter shares insights involving different influencers on patient care: from the impact of media on patient treatment decisions, to different clinical views on the issue of cardiometabolic patient needs, to the challenges of cardiovascular administrators, and to the long term outlook of the cardiovascular workforce. Truly, a large number of parties are involved in the care of one patient, and in the end, when these influencers work together in unison, real healing for the patient begins.