“The digital superhighway will only continue to expand into the foreseeable future, offering paradigm-shifting opportunities to change the way both provider and patient education is delivered.” — John G. Harold, MD, MACC, President, American College of Cardiology

For decades, the ACC has been a recognized leader in the development of clinical standards and practice guidelines and a trusted provider of clinical education for cardiovascular professionals. However, given the explosion of scientific information in the field of cardiology, increasing clinical needs of patients and providers, and the expanding number of requirements for certification and licensure, learning can no longer be limited to the simple acquisition of new knowledge.

Education now must convert knowledge into practice with tools that can be customized by the learner, yet still ensure quality and positive patient outcomes. To that end, the ACC has been developing an integrated framework of continuous learning that addresses knowledge application, patient and provider communication, shared decision-making, process improvement, systems-based care, patient outcomes, and assessment of provider competence.

This issue of the CardioSurve Newsletter explores the latest topics relevant to learning for cardiovascular professionals and their patients: the impact of the new Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements, the changing landscape of education, the reaction to the updated cholesterol guidelines, and the new focus on population health in the ACC Strategic Plan.