Nanette Kass Wenger, MD, MACC is one of the most distinguished cardiologists of our time. Her career has been punctuated by stellar achievements in cardiovascular leadership, advocacy, research and clinical science, but it has been defined by her aptitude for mentorship and teaching. There are few practitioners who have had greater impact on so many physicians and nurses within our cardiology community as Dr. Wenger.

Her consistent enthusiasm for eliminating gender, age and socioeconomic disparities, and nurturing the careers of young and midā€level cardiologists, particularly women, in the name of improving cardiovascular care has been truly inspirational. Her passion, industriousness and commitment to the profession of cardiology have sparked and channeled many careers in academic medicine and clinical practice. Particularly endearing is her selflessness: her focus on whatever need or goal is ahead. She utilizes her interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, brilliance and common sense to develop consensus without any desire for personal recognition.

Dr. Wenger's contributions to the field of cardiology are many, but her legacy as a teacher and mentor is her greatest gift to the medical community. Those who benefit from her experience, whether for a brief encounter or for a number of years, are the recipients of a tremendous gift. She does not bear the responsibility of being such a powerful role model lightly. Her passion for what she does is contagious, and her quest to provide the best care for elderly patients, women and minorities inspires those around her.