Congratulations on completing your fellowship training! Our records indicate that you are completing your cardiovascular training this year. This is a significant event in your professional life, one which brings a certain amount of change.

The American College of Cardiology wants to ensure you retain access to benefits that support you during this period of transition and through your early career years.

When your training is complete at the end of this month, your membership status in the ACC will be updated, and you will be considered an International Associate member of the College. You will still receive complimentary membership and access to all your benefits through the end of 2016.

In September, you will receive a confirmation of your complimentary membership through 2016.

To ensure that you're able to continue receiving complimentary membership benefits like access to and the JACC Journals, we ask that you update your membership information online at

Please note: for many of our graduates, we have a training program email address on file; once you graduate you'll no longer be able to receive information from us unless you update your email address.

Continuing on in an approved cardiovascular-related training program? Please contact your chapter governor so that they may update your training end date in our system. They will need your primary ACC membership email address to update your training information. You may also contact Connie Liu at if you are continuing on in training or with questions.