Advanced Healthcare and Analytics
Co-chairs: Jai Nahar, MD, MBA & James E. Tcheng, MD, FACC

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Cardiology Magazine Image

The Advanced Healthcare and Analytics work group will promote and champion the use of analytics and artificial intelligence to help ACC and its members optimize the cardiovascular care journey and promote better cardiac health throughout the world.

Recommended Resources from ACC's Advanced Healthcare Analytics Work Group

Section I: Primers/Review Material

  1. A primer in artificial intelligence in cardiovascular medicine
  2. Artificial Intelligence in Cardiology
  3. AI in Medicine Primer (Part 1) with Dr. Anthony Change (AIMed)
  4. AI in Medicine Primer (Part 2) with Dr. Anthony Change (AIMed)

Section II: Useful Journals

  1. Intelligence-Based Medicine.
    Published by Elsevier. Intelligence-Based Medicine is a new journal that aims to create meaningful synergy between practicing clinicians and others (computer scientists, data scientists, engineers, cognitive scientists, entrepreneurs, etc) in deploying methods of artificial intelligence and human cognition in the practice...

Section III: Useful Educational Websites

  1. AIMed
    Artificial intelligence in medicine. There are excellent educational resources which can be accessed after free registration.
  2. BRAINX Community
    Machine learning in healthcare for good.

Section IV: Webinars and Presentations

  1. Emerging Frontier in Cardiovascular Care: Conversational AI &Virtual Voice Assistants
    Jai Nahar, MD, MBA
    AI Med Cardiology Conference, June 2019, Chicago