Pakistan ChapterWelcome to the home of the American College of Cardiology (ACC) Pakistan Chapter. The ACC Pakistan Chapter was formed in 2010 as the 7th International Chapter of the ACC. Every year since then there is a Joint ACC - Pakistan Cardiac Society Symposium at the annual ACC meeting. There is also a Joint PCS - ACC Symposium at the Annual meeting of the PCS. In addition, the ACC Pakistan Chapter Co-sponsors at least three meetings every year in Pakistan with the Pakistan Hypertension League, the Pakistan Society of Interventional Cardiology, and one of the local chapters of the PCS. The ACC Pakistan Chapter is involved in all regional international activities of the ACC and lends it full support.

Contact Information

Chapter Governor:
Azhar Faruqui

Affiliated Society:

Pakistan Cardiac Society Pakistan Cardiac Society
The Aga Khan University Hospital
Stadium Road
P.O. Box No: 350

Key Initiatives

Pakistan like other developing countries is in the midst of an epidemic of non-communicable diseases especially cardiovascular diseases, while the burden of communicable diseases is still very much present. This double burden makes the challenges of population awareness of prevention all the more critically important for stake holders. This is why the work of the PCS and he ACC Pakistan Chapter is so important.