ACC has pulled together a toolkit to help you treat your patients with atrial fibrillation (AFib) based on the most recent evidence and best practices. Developed by experts and field-tested, the AFib Toolkit is a valuable and free reference or point-of-care resource you can use on your own time.

Diagnosis & Risk Assessment

Assess and document your patients' symptoms, functional status, thromboembolic risk, and bleeding risk at every visit

SAF Scale  | CHA2DS2-VASc | HAS-BLED | Combo Calculator

Treatment & Management

Recommended appropriate antithrombotic therapy and choose safe and effective AFib medications

Sinus Rhythm Therapy Flow Chart | Rate-Rhythm Dosing Table | Anticoag Dosing Table

Patient Education

Educate patients on their treatment strategy and the indications, risks, and benefits of prescribed medications

AFib Condition Center | Cardioversion Fact Sheet | Anticoagulant Fact Sheet