Review the information below to determine which FOCUS option is best for you: our Web module, mobile app, or EHR integration. All options include clinical decision support; detailed benchmarking reports and action plans; as well as webinars and listserv for communicating with peers.

Product Options Include:

  • Web portal
  • Electronic Health Record software integration
  • Mobile app
  • Case-review data entry tool

Click the plus (+) signs beside the headings below to learn more about the variety of FOCUS options available.

Physicians and Clinicians

Quickly document the reason for imaging orders, test them against current AUC standards, and identify practice patterns and gaps compared to your peers.

FOCUS in Action: Click the button below to learn how you can download the free app and gain quick access to Appropriate Use Criteria measures!

Hospitals and/or Practices

FOCUS in Action: Learn how Wisconsin and Florida hospitals are leveraging FOCUS to change care delivery >>>

Imaging Labs
  • Meet lab accreditation requirements for AUC tracking and action planning
  • Improve your referral relationship by utilizing appropriate imaging with less ordering hassle
  • Physicians and Clinicians, engage in FOCUS (see Physicians and Clinicians above)
  • Engage your Imaging Lab in FOCUS (see Hospitals and/or Practices above)
  • Engage your Health Plan in FOCUS (see Health Plan below)
  • Learn more about Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) requirements >>>

FOCUS in Action: See published PIM Results in this JACC Imaging article >>>

Health Plans

FOCUS in Action: Delaware health plan supports physician use of FOCUS tool >>>

FOCUS Product Options Summary
  Learning Community Web Module Health Plan Service Hospital/Practice Service
Patient Identifiable Information None Required Required
Data Entry Limited web portal data entry of batched cases Robust web portal pre-populated with patient demographics EHR integrated decision support as a part of order entry
Imaging Modalities SPECT MPI only All cardiac imaging modalities All cardiac imaging modalities
Number of Cases Limited Unlimited Unlimited
Reporting Limited; three reports 60-day baseline; quarterly 60-day baseline; quarterly
Time Duration Limited Ongoing Ongoing
Trending Limited Yes Yes
Health Plan Reporting No Yes Optional
Reporting Organization Imaging Laboratory Practices/hospitals to health plan Practices/hospitals internally and externally as requested
Price Free Per member, per month Annual subscription based on Volume