UtilityDescriptionDate Added
Created by ACC IT App Dev
Load Institutions Populates the institutions, partners and sponsors in Sitecore. Sitecore needs to have a specific profile type assigned to the institutions, partners and sponsors so that they user manager will provide the custom fields for those user types. 8/21/2014
Login With Institute Allows a user to login as if they are from a specific institution. For testing Cardiosource+ 8/21/2014
DebugPrint out a variety of debug information about the currently logged in user9/17/2014
Create UserCreates a user that can be logged in9/19/2014
Update UserUpdates a user's information9/19/2014
Delete UserDeletes a user from our system9/19/2014
Delete Test UsersDelete Test Users9/19/2014
LoginLogs in a user9/19/2014
Login with IDLogs in a user with ID and no password9/19/2014
Login with PartnerLogs in a user with the roles from a Partner9/19/2014
Login with InstituteLogs in a user with roles from an institution9/19/2014
Login with SponsorLogs in a user with the roles from a Sponsor9/19/2014
Partner ClickthroughPartner Click Through9/19/2014
Limited AccessLimited Access9/19/2014
Restricted AccessRestricted Access9/19/2014
User in roleUser in role9/19/2014
Dart TesterTest Dart Zone9/19/2014
CE City ListenerCE City Listener9/19/2014
Dart TesterTest Dart Zone9/19/2014
CE City Test APICE City Test API9/19/2014
CE City Test NotifierCE City Test Notifier9/19/2014
CE City Test APIUpdate Experts9/19/2014
Sync Cardiosource ExpertsCopy experts from cardiosource to acc.org site9/23/2014
Copy Roles from Personify Committees and ChaptersUpdate Roles From Personify11/18/2014
Add M Registrant Role for All UsersAdd M Registrant Role for All Users1/6/2015
List Bad Child RolesLooks for member roles that have invalid characters1/07/2015
List All InstitutionsLooks for Institutions information1/07/2015
Upload Section MembersUpload Section Members into the Communication Preferences tables1/07/2015
Unenroll CMP MemberUnenrolls a members from a CMP program12/05/2019