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Welcome to the MOC Information Hub, which contains details about the American Board of Internal Medicine’s current Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements.

This complex situation continues to be top-of-mind for ACC leadership, staff and most importantly for the ACC members affected by the changes. The ACC’s approach to addressing the changes over the past year has been careful and deliberate — looking for the best ways to help members and their patients in proceeding forward. In these matters headway has been made, and continues to be made, both in terms of working with ABIM to re-evaluate and change their requirements, and also in exploring alternative options to ABIM.

An ACC Task Force is currently identifying how best to work with ABIM to address additional recommendations, including:

  • the creation of dual pathways for recertification
  • recognition of ongoing, hospital-based quality improvement and patient surveys as qualifying for MOC accreditation
  • reduction of fees
  • development of a modular blueprint that can conform to the practice needs of the cardiologist (testing what the candidate needs to know for his or her practice)
  • improvement in the ease with which accurate and understandable information can be retrieved from the ABIM website
  • and research into the value of MOC, as measured by physician competency and patient outcomes

A second ACC Task Force is also exploring alternatives to ABIM MOC accreditation, with recommendations of both Task Forces due to the Board of Trustees in August. Read more on the ACC’s approach to MOC on the ACC in Touch Blog.

Check out the links below to learn more about the current ABIM MOC requirements. We will continue to make updates to this information as specific details about the MOC changes become available. For information about your personal MOC status please login to ABIM's website and check your MOC Status Report.

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