Clinical Solutions for Everyday Practice

ACC's clinical solution sets support the College's strategic goals and mission to transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health. As part of these efforts, high-value topics are selected and prioritized to define necessary outputs to support ACC members.

Some of the clinical solution set activities and resources include Heart House Roundtables and Patient Forums, Expert Consensus Decision Pathways (ECDPs), Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC), decision support, infographics, and clinician and patient tools.

ACC is currently offering clinical solution sets for the following high-value topics:

Procedural Intervention in Valve Disease
Medication Management of Lipids
Management of CV Disease Risk in Patients With Diabetes
Medication Management in Heart Failure
Management of Patients With Cardiac Amyloidosis
Diagnosis and Management of Patients With HCM
Optimization of Hospitalization for Heart Failure
Management of Anticoagulation/Antithrombotic Therapy
Diagnosis and Initial Treatment of Chronic Coronary Disease
Management of COVID-19 in Patients with CV Disease
Advancing Adult Immunization
Systems of Care Approaches to CV Intervention
Additional Topics