Medication Management of Lipids

The treatment of clinical dyslipidemia—a long-standing cornerstone in the prevention and management of primary and secondary ASCVD—has markedly increased in complexity over the last several years.

The goals of this solution set are to close gaps in care related to the:

  • Underdiagnosis of patients with dyslipidemia and high risk for ASCVD-related events.
  • Suboptimal utilization of statin and nonstatin pharmacotherapy for primary and secondary prevention of ASCVD-related events.
  • LDL-C Lowering Therapies: The Changing Lipid Landscape (2020)
  • LDL & Beyond: Emerging Management Strategies for Patients with Dyslipidemia (2019)
  • LDL: Address the Risk (2013, 2015, 2016, 2017)
  • Managing LDL Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Risk: Learning from the Patient Experience (2020)

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