8:15 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP I: Optimizing Your EMR – Making It More Efficient, More Accurate and More Relevant (Floridian Ballroom G-L)
Presenters: Drs. Gluckman and Westcott and Ms. Knight and Mr. Price
Moderators: Drs. Brown and Walpole and Mr. White
  •  BUSINESS PRACTICES: Optimize your EMR documentation strategies for efficiencies

This interactive session will address:

  • When a note is more than a note...incorporating discrete data collection into your daily workflow
  • How to get you home in time for dinner...with all of your notes completed!
  • How to make documentation a team sport...leveraging clinical staff to make your EMR work for you
  • How to document and keep your coders and compliance officers happy
  • Other efficiencies from the front line