Global Heart Failure

Globally, approximately 26 million people suffer from heart failure. Africa, Asia, and the Middle East contains the bulk of the global population, and as these areas develop economically, heart failure is a growing epidemiological problem. The Global Physician Heart Failure education program aims to educate and inform treatment of this growing population of heart failure sufferers.

The first 6 modules address the basics of heart failure treatment for the majority of practioners in the target areas. Some of the topics covered includes: Etiology and pathophysiology, clinical assessment, acute decompensated heart failure, medical therapies, advanced therapies, and disease management.

A team of international knowledge experts developed and reviewed the latest in heart failure management and treatment and new topics will be made available every 2 months until the Spring of 2018.

Basic Module
Advanced Modules
Available December 2017
Available January 2018
Available March 2018
Available May 2018
Available July 2018