Cardiovascular Physician Practicing Outside the U.S./Canada

As a cardiovascular physician practicing outside the US, you have two options for joining the College: Becoming an International Associate or attaining Fellowship in the ACC (FACC).

Non-CV trained physicians practicing outside the U.S. can apply for International Associate only.

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Become an International Associate

International Associate provides you with full access to ACC’s membership benefits, including online access to the JACC journals (See Why Join: Your Membership Benefits below). This membership category is open to CV specialists who are either not interested in applying for Fellowship or have not yet met the requirements. Membership is also open to those who are trained in other disciplines but have an interest in the College’s resources.

You may not reference the FACC designation in this category.

Requirements for International Associate

You must have:

  • A current medical license in the country you practice – OR – hold an academic appointment
  • A current membership in a recognized medical society in your country – OR – present a sponsorship letter from a current physician member of the ACC
  • CV-Trained Physicians Only: Must have completed medical professional education and training
  • Non-CV Trained Physicians Only: Must be educated and trained in another medical discipline

Annual Dues are $100 US. Applicants must include $125 with their application, which includes a one-time application fee of $25.

Download an application and submit it to us by email to or by mail to:

Membership Services
2400 N Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your application to be processed and for your membership access information to be sent to you.

Become a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology

As a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology (FACC) you’ll gain recognition as a cardiovascular professional at the top of your field.

Fellowship is one of the most distinguished designations the College offers its members. Election to Fellowship is determined by committee, and applications are welcomed on a rolling basis. Those who do not meet the stringent qualifications for Fellowship may be granted Associate Fellow membership in the College when they apply.

As a Fellow, you’ll be able to use the professional designation, FACC, to signal to both patients and colleagues alike of your commitment to only the highest standards of cardiovascular care, and that you have been conferred to the highest credential by your peers.

Additionally, you’ll unlock access to exclusive leadership and involvement opportunities, and be able to participate in ACC’s Annual Convocation Ceremony held each year during the ACC Annual Scientific Session.

Why Join: Your Membership Benefits

What do you get for your membership dollars? As an international member you can:

  • Read about the latest clinical developments with online access to five JACC journals: The Journal of the American College of Cardiology, JACC: Imaging, JACC: Interventions, JACC: Heart Failure and JACC: Clinical Electrophysiology.
  • Access the latest guidelines—including on-the-go with ACC’s new guidelines app
  • Stay up-to-date with 300+ FREE educational opportunities
  • Gain unrestricted access to ACC’s new website, filled with the latest news and information
  • Save with deep discounts on digital products and live courses—including the ACC Annual Scientific Session
  • Network with over 47,000 CV professionals
  • Participate in ACC’s quality initiatives worldwide, including the NCDR Registries and International Centers of Excellence program
  • Focus on your specialty and/or interest area with ACC’s 16 Member Sections
  • Advance your career with ACC’s Mentoring Program
  • Access mobile applications that help you treat and manage patients on the go
  • Receive membership in one of ACC International’s 33 local country chapters for additional networking and educational opportunities locally
  • Gain leadership experience and recognition opportunities.
FACC Membership Criteria

Election to Fellowship is based on training and specialty Board certification in cardiology. Members are expected to conform to high moral standards.

To apply, you must:

  • Have completed cardiovascular training
  • Have a current medical license in the country where you practice
  • Have a full-time cardiovascular position
  • Dedicate at least 75% of your professional time to cardiology
  • Present two letters of sponsorship from current FACCs with the application (See Your Sponsors and Sponsorship Letters below)
  • Meet one of the two following requirements:
    • Author 10 articles in peer-reviewed publications, five of which are first or primary author
    • OR

    • Hold a leadership position in your hospital or institution, such as Chief of Cardiology, Director or Associate Professor or Professor

Are you an FIT or did you just complete training? Click here to find out how you should apply >>>

How to Apply: The Application Process

Applications are welcome on a rolling basis! Apply at any time throughout the year.

To apply, submit your application packet consisting of:

  1. Completed Application Form
    • Make sure you include all relevant attachments, including copies of diplomas or certificates verifying appointments
  2. Two Letters of Sponsorship from Current FACCs that Meet Letter Requirements (See Your Sponsors and Sponsorship Letters below)
  3. Copy of your CV in English
  4. Copy of Medical License, Translated to English if Received from an Institution Outside the U.S.
  5. Copy of Certificate if You Have a PhD
  6. Payment of Annual Dues and Nonrefundable Application Fee.
    • Note that if you are a current member of the ACC applying for FACC and are current on your dues, you ONLY need to submit the application fee. (See Annual Dues and Fees below)

Submit your completed application packet to us at or by mail to:

Membership Services 2400 N Street, NW Washington, DC 20037 United States of America

Application Review Process

Applications will be reviewed twice annually by the ACC’s Credentialing and Membership Committee. Email with questions about the status of your application.

  • Applications received by May 1 will be reviewed in July
  • Applications received by Oct 1 will be reviewed in January
Your Sponsors and Sponsorship Letters

Applicants are required to submit two letters of sponsorship from current FACCs.

Sponsorship Letter Requirements:

  • Letters must be included with your application
  • Letters must be on the sponsor’s business letterhead, dated and signed by the sponsor
  • Letters should detail your accomplishments of distinction, such as hospital, medical society or educational leadership
  • Letters should be original in content—substantially identical letters will be rejected

Sponsor Requirements:

  • Sponsors must be current FACCs
  • Sponsors must be well acquainted with your current professional activities
  • At least one sponsor must be from your country of practice
  • Only one sponsor can be from a partner or colleague that works in your office
  • Only one sponsor can be from your training program
  • Your relatives may not sponsor you
Annual Dues and Fees

Annual dues are determined by a country’s World Bank Classification. Click here to find out your World Bank Classification >>>

Membership comes with online access to the JACC Journals; print versions are available for an additional fee. Members must also submit a one-time $150 application fee when they apply.**

  Middle/Low Income High Income
FACC Membership + Online JACC $170 $270
FACC Membership + Paper Subscription to JACC $325 $425
Application Fee $150 $150

*** Are You a Current ACC Member? Only include the $150 application fee if you are up-to-date on your membership dues.