Cardiovascular (CV) Team Professionals: When you join the American College of Cardiology at a chapter meeting, you’ll receive a $25 discount off of your first year’s membership fee. PLUS, we’ll waive the $25 application fee for a total savings of $50.

Just write "Chapter Meeting Discount" at the top of your application. Applications should be completed on-site or submitted within one business week of the meeting.

  Become a CV Team Member of the ACC
  Become a CV Team Member of the ACC

The ACC recognizes how vital it is to have a diversity of voices at the table, which is why it is placing a greater emphasis than ever before on team-based care and interdisciplinary team collaboration.

We invite Advanced Practice Nurses, Registered Nurses, Physician Assistants, Clinical Pharmacists, CV Technologists, Exercise Physiologists, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Dietitians, Genetic Counselors, Clinical Psychologists and Clinical Social Workers to apply for membership.

For more information on the membership requirements specific to your professional status, please locate your specialty here. All applicants must submit a signed sponsorship form letter from a current member of the ACC to apply.

Those who have been CVT Members of the ACC for at least two years are invited to apply for the advanced designation, Associate of the American College of Cardiology (AACC). Find out more about the value of the AACC designation >>>

  Why Join: Your Membership Benefits
  Why Join: Your Membership Benefits

Your membership dollars give you access to a range of benefits worth over $3,000 annually.

As a Member you can:

  • Sharpen your skills with 300+ FREE educational opportunities on
  • Network, get involved and develop your leadership skills through participation in Member Sections and local chapter events
  • Read about the latest clinical developments with online access to SIX JACC journals
  • Save hundreds—even thousands—of dollars with deep discounts on ACC's digital products and live courses, including the ACC Annual Scientific Session
  • Receive information updates based on your preferences, including clinical information in the Cardiovascular Team Section Newsletter, advocacy updates and more
  • Improve patient care with ACC quality initiatives, including NCDR Registries and the CardioSmart patient education website and tools
  How to Apply: The Application Process
  How to Apply: The Application Process

To apply, submit your application packet consisting of:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Copy of Your Practicing License
  • Completed and Signed Sponsorship Letter from a Current FACC, AACC or CVT Member
  • Payment of Annual Dues + Application Fee ($135 US)

Submit your completed application packet to:

Resource Center
American College of Cardiology
2400 N Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037

Email to check on the status of your application.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your application to be processed and for delivery of your Membership Login information.

  Your Sponsors and Sponsorship Letters
  Your Sponsors and Sponsorship Letters

Applicants are required to submit one letter of sponsorship from a current FACC, AACC, International Associate or CV Team member of the College. Click here to download your sponsorship form letter >>>

Don’t know any current members of the ACC? Contact Kelli Bohannon at for assistance.

  Annual Dues and Fees
  Annual Dues and Fees

A total of $135 US is required with your application: $110 annual dues and a $25 application fee.

REMEMBER: Applicants who choose to join ACC at a chapter meeting receive $25 off of their first year’s membership fee and have the $25 application fee waived—your first payment would be only $85 US.

Write “Chapter Meeting Discount” at the top of your application. Applications should be completed on-site or submitted within one business week of the meeting.