For data or health IT managers with an advanced degree in IT or active participation with an ACC or STS data registry who spend the majority of their time engaged in nonclinical activities.

  Join the American College of Cardiology
  Join the American College of Cardiology

We are committed to transforming cardiovascular care and improving heart health. And we have the data to help us achieve our mission. Join us as a member of the American College of Cardiology and you’ll enter into an organization with a reputation for excellence in education, networking and support for cardiovascular professionals for over 60 years.

With a growing suite of both inpatient and outpatient registries covering more than 20 million patient records, the ACC also has the quality data you need to help your practice transform cardiovascular care. Through our inpatient and outpatient registries that help you meet requirements for public reporting, quality improvement tools, and apps that integrate with the largest EHR vendors, you’ll be armed with the tools you need to translate data into practice.

Partner with physicians, cardiovascular team members and administrators in an effort to move cardiovascular care forward using data and health IT. Join the American College of Cardiology.

  Why Join: Your Membership Benefits
  Why Join: Your Membership Benefits

What do you receive for your membership dollar?

The ACC is your professional home for data, tools and resources that support you.

As a member you can:

  • Stay Informed
    Read about the latest clinical developments with print, online and mobile subscriptions to SIX Journals of the American College of Cardiology.
  • Gain an Advocate for Your Interests
    With the power of a collective voice, the ACC advocates on behalf of your interests to regulatory and certification bodies, to payers and to policymakers at the federal and state levels.
  • Build Your Professional Network
    Connect and collaborate with over 50,000 cardiovascular professionals worldwide, including administrators, nurses, pharmacists, rehabilitation professionals, physicians and more. Network and learn at the local level with one of ACC’s over 80 local chapters. And gain leadership experiences and recognition by participation on councils, committees and work groups.
  • Access Mobile Apps
    Get support to manage patients and data on-the-go with mobile applications, including a clinical guidelines app, risk evaluator apps and many more.
  • Help Your Institution Raise the Bar on Quality
    With its suite of NCDR clinical data registries and quality improvement programs, ACC can help your institution bridge the gap between science and practice and examine critical questions on the delivery and outcomes of health care. Also benefit from NCDR analytic reporting solutions, including reports to help you conduct comparisons, monitor quality and perform comparative analyses.
  • Advance Your Specialty
    Influence College and national issues related to the management and operation of health information systems and the operation of CV enterprise. Join one of ACC’s 19+ Member Sections to connect with those in your specialty—including a Section focused on Cardiovascular Management.
  • Optimize Your Practice
    Gain access to a variety of tools, including a suite of 60+ webinars covering the latest practice changes, practice improvement modules, health IT tools and more.
  How to Apply: The Application Process
  How to Apply: The Application Process

Membership Criteria

All applicants must:

  • Hold membership in a recognized Health IT society or obtain a letter of recommendation from a current member of the ACC. Society memberships accepted include:
    • Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society
    • eHealth Initiative
    • American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management
    • Medical Group Management Association
    • European Association of Healthcare IT Managers
    • American Health Information Management Association
    • American Medical Informatics Association
  • Hold a current role as a data manager or health IT manager within their current institution or practice
  • Have an advanced degree in IT (BS or above) or active participation with an ACC or STS data registry
  • Spend the majority of their professional time engaged in nonclinical activities. Those cardiovascular team members who spend the majority of their time in clinical engagements should apply via the Cardiovascular Team membership category.

Applications are welcome on a rolling basis! Apply at any time throughout the year.

Remember to include a payment of $125 ($100 Annual Dues + A One-Time Application Fee)

Submit your application to us at or by mail to:

Resource Center
2400 N Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037

Please allow 4-6 weeks for your application to be processed and your membership information to be sent to you. Contact to check on the status of your application.